Group Fitness Classes

Whether Ninja’s not for you or you’re looking for additional ways to stay fit, our group fitness classes offer an opportunity for everyone to stay in shape while putting the “fun” in functional fitness!

Shinobi Fitness

Group Fitness Classes


The Zumba® program is a fitness-party with a contagious blend of Latin and international rhythms that provides a fun and effective workout to a global community.Amy is a certified Zumba instructor with over 10 years of experience in creating a fun, high-energy, workout that everyone will love!

Warrior Conditioning

High-intensity circuit training (HICT) involves combining bothcardio and resistance training in the same workout, alternating upper and lower body moves as well as high-intensity and lower-intensity exercises. Our Warrior Conditiong circuit consists of 20 stations & 2 rounds, with 30 seconds at each station.
Only $5 and open to the public!